The Gunboat Diplomats are at it again releasing their absurd and catchy music pairings with a more recent release, “Original Sin.” This song has quickly become one of my favorite tracks by the Gunboat Diplomats. Driven by a Latin jazz beat and a very gritty vocal. Sounds as if Tom Waits drunkenly wandered into the Copa Cabana on a Friday night. The lyrics and gritty sounding voice gives a dark and eerie feeling, while the music in the background is very upbeat and lively, making me want to tap my feet and possibly do a little dancing, in private of course.
That is a great achievement to be able to bring out multiple layers or depths of emotions in a person through a single song. That in itself is something I believe a majority of musicians strive to do on a full album, and few achieve even that. Yet, the Gunboat Diplomats are doing so in only three minutes and fifty six seconds. I give this song and this group of extremely talented musicians and artists a huge kudos along with a standing ovation that no one can see right now, but I promise it is taking place!
Writing this blog I receive a wide range of musical stylings and genres to listen to, from many different location around the world, but I can honestly say that the Gunboat Diplomats have been the only ones to embody such a broad range of these styling and genres into one song or even album for that matter.Keep up the amazing work Diplomats, you truly have something unique and special. If you have to get to listen to The Gunboat Diplomats, please stop procrastinating and just do it already. Support the music, spread the rock and roll, and party on!!

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