The Gunboat Diplomats are a song shop. The sound of their music varies greatly in as much as styling, vocals, and even instruments. Their first album, “Fine State of Affairs” was a great recording and look into what The Gunboat Diplomats are capable of. They are currently working on their second album, “Manifest Destiny.”
I was lucky enough to be contacted and asked to have a listen to the first two tracks released from this upcoming album, after having reviewed their first album. I was honored they thought of me to and dived right into the tracks with great anticipation to see where they would take the sound.
I walked right into a very refreshing and pleasant sound. It was completely different from what I heard on their first recording. Both songs have much more of a folk/ country western feel to them, while not completely leaving behind the catchy pop fusion. Moving away from the vibe of bands such as Barenaked Ladies on their first outing, this has more of Garth Brooks feel to it.
The first of the two songs is “I’m Not Going Back to Jacksonville.” A song that seems to speak of past regret and remorse. It has a very relaxing and ear catching guitar track, with that all to familiar country twang if you will. It is a well written song and it brought a smile to my face almost immediately.
The second track was “Beneath a Solemn Sky,” and it was a bit more of a dark sounding track. Think perhaps a gospel song with a hint of bluegrass. The lyrics are powerful in themselves, and then amplified with the slow dark soundtrack behind them. This track gave me chills the first time I listened.
These first two tracks definitely have me anxiously awaiting the full release of “Manifest Destiny” by The Gunboat Diplomats. I await with high hopes and hungry earbuds for what should be another musical journey for anyone who truly loves the masterpiece of a musical tale.

Frank G Myers Jr

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