So, for the past week or so I have been listening to a band from Siena, Italy named Proton Packs. The album I have been listening to is their third lp, it was released on Moms Basement Records in the US and Commando Records in Italy. It is a very catchy album with a conspiracy/ espionage theme. The album is called “Conspiracy 66.”

I personally find the album is very well written in the way of lyrics and music. It is not going to be that album of the year that kicks your teeth in with an in your face fast paced aggression by no means, which is one of my favorite features of the album. It is nice to hear a punk band with a nice laid back approach every now and then, but still with the attitude and conviction in the music. That says a lot about a band and in my opinion shows a great maturity.

Proton packs with no doubt follow the old school punk rock manual of songwriting with the songs be short sweet and to the point. The songs clock in at 3 minutes or making them just long enough to get your attention but no so long that you lose interest before it ends. Listening to their third lp “Conpriacy 66” has made me wonder how I have not heard of these guys before now, they are really good and I look forward to catching up on their past two lp’s for sure in the very near future.

So, if you are looking for good punk rock album to kick back and enjoy be sure to grab yourself a copy of Proton Packs “Conpiracy 66”. I think this is a great album to check out and give a chance. Awesome to hear such great music coming out of Italy, they are definitely producing some killer bands over there right now.


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