The Gunboat Diplomats are a song shop in Florida composed of songwriters, musicians and vocalists recording pop rock music with a vintage vibe. They have recently completed their first project entitled “Fine State of Affairs.” I have been listening to this album now for a month give or take. I will first start off by saying that it is a very well recorded album. Also, the musicianship is amazing with such a wide array of instruments and styles.

This is definitely a very catchy album and every song varies so much from the one before. The vocals are all over the board, and I am not saying that is a bad thing, but very different none the less. The first two tracks had me thinking I was listening to a Tom Waits album, then into track 3 in which the vocals reminded me of a Tori Amos track or maybe even Evanescence. Then you move along and find tracks that border Elvis Costello. Music wise I got a lot of similarity to a Barenaked Ladies album as well.

I truly have to say, although this would not be my choice I love this album due to the fact that every track is like a breath of fresh air. As someone who’s ipod playlist jumps all over the board it was quite refreshing to have one album do that!!! I am not a fan of every song on the album but there is not a song I completely hate either. This is an album that definitely deserves a listen if your a fan of power pop, blues rock, jazz, island troubador, and quite a few other genres. Sit back and get comfortable. Enjoy something a little different and indulge.


3 thoughts on “The Gunboat Diplomats – Fine State of Affairs

  1. Love me some Gunboat Diplomats. Great piwer pop stuff. They bring it. I’ve book marked Opinion Nation and will be returning often.


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