On March 1st, 2017 Brian Hardy and The Dynamic Duo released their record “Road To Gotham.” This is a fun catchy punk rock album with a very acoustic sound to it. It is a concept album of sorts in which all of the songs tie into the Batman theme.

Now, this isn’t going to be the in your face party album of the year by any stretch. This album possesses a much lighter side. The music is great and catchy and the lyrics I find are very original. I myself have not heard a complete album written solely about Batman and other characters from Gotham. That in itself was pretty awesome and grabbed my attention, making me want to hear it all the way through.

I would have to say the stand out song on the album would have to be track 4, “Riddle Me This.” This track is the one that will for sure have you bobbing your head along and finding it hard not to join in and sing along. Although, the lyrics throughout the whole album are very simple and easy to sing along with. It has a nice pace to it, not to fast, not to slow. In old school punk rock fashion, all of the songs on this album are also under 3 minutes!!!!!

Definitely worth giving a listen, I think this will be an album that will be appreciated more by a certain demographic of fans much more than others. All around a great sounding record so have a listen and show some love.Brian Hardy Bandcamp


One thought on “Brian Hardy and The Dynamic Duo – Road To Gotham

  1. This “album” is a 5 song piece of garbage. Being an avid pop punk fan you would think it would be right up my alley, but it sounds like it was written for children or something and I am almost positive it doesn’t have real drum tracks. Like garage band or something. Save your money, it’s not worth it for free let alone 10 bucks for 5 songs


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