Coming out of the Youngstown, Ohio music scene is a 3 piece band often labeled as a Punk band, though I’m not sure I would throw them solely into that genre. The Idle Shades are a fun, fast paced, in your face straight up rock and roll band, with no label needed in my opinion. Their second album “The Time Is Now” shows a lot of growth in their songwriting and their chemistry as a band. These guys have been a favorite of mine to see live for years now, and I feel it shows through on this new album.

Idle Shades have a very strong core in the drumming you hear in their songs. Very precise and it stands out in just about every track. I am also a huge fan of the song lyrics. Just like on their first album “Picture Perfect,” you can hear the emotion and the conviction in the songs on “The Time Is Now” which helps to draw you even deeper into their music, or at least for me. This is a 3 piece band with a big sound that is hard to find in even band consisting of more musicians. These 3 guys possess a lot of drive and talent and it shows through in their album and as well in their live shows. If you have yet to listen to Idle Shades, what the hell are you waiting for. Get your hands on a copy of their new album and start enjoying some real rock and roll people!!

Idle Shades Bandcamp

Idle Shades Facebook


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