So, do you all remember a little band called Bad Religion? This is definitely one of their records. Greg Graffin has released a new solo album, “Millport” in March of 2017. This album is not what I went in expecting from the longtime memeber of punk rock band Bad Religion. This album shows a whole other side of Greg Graffin, a few of them to be exact.

I was caught off guard right from the start with the opening track on the album “Backroads of my mind” which sounds as if the long time punk rocker had decided to try his hand at country music. Yes, I said country. If you are like me that alone has your mind confused and longing for answers.  It was something very different and hard to swallow for me, but I pressed on and proceeded to listen through the rest of the album. The next couple of songs had a very folkish sound to the music, almost as if Graffin was listening to a lot of Bob Dylan at the time. Take it or leave it depending on your own music preference. Still a very weird feel for me.

As if the first four track on this album didn’t give me enough of a surprise in Graffin’s music choice for the album, I just so happened to make it to the fifth track on the album entitled “Time of Need.” This song starts out and carries all the way through with a gospel music sound and feel, baring the anti-gospel lyrics of course. I knew right then and there that this record all around was one hell of a music journey I had not expected. With that said, I will admit that through more than half the album I did have my foot tapping and my head bobbing. Put me in the mood for a big ole mason jar of moonshine!!

Now, while the music itself had me at a loss, I want to say that the songwriting is still up to par with what I’d expect from an aging Greg Graffin. The angst may have been checked at the door but  the intelligent and compelling storytelling remains intact. I will say this is an album that anyone with a true appreciation for music of all genres should give a listen to even if only the two or three times. I have a feeling for a lot it will grow on you over time. I guess this is just what you get from an aging punk rocker who finds that time and age triumph the angst when it is all said and done.



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