The Bombpops are a female fronted punk rock band from Southern California. They definitely possess that Southern California sound, which makes them an obvious candidate for their new home on Fat Wreck chords. Their new album “Fear of Missing Out” definitely packs a punch mixed with a hint of catchy vocals from a pretty voice. Not to mention ferocity, creativity and attitude.

The record starts off a little slow with the first track “Capable of Lies”, though a good song the vocals are rather off in my opinion and don’t match up with the rest of the record. That is easily forgotten as soon as the second track “CA in July” starts. Throughout the record you get fierce drum tracks that are fast, loud, and just appropriately fit the lyrics. The lyrics are in my opinion really well written and attention grabbing. What is lacking I feel is the vocal presentation, it is definitely overshadowed by a great music track and the fierceness and attitude to draw you into each and every song.

“Fear of Missing Out” is a really good record and shows promise of what could come from the Bombpops. I think with time will come a greater and stronger vocal presence. The formula is there for sure to follow in the footsteps of great female fronted punk bands such as The Muffs, The Runaways, and The Spazzies to name just a few. Do yourself a big favor and get your hands on a copy of this record. It is entertaining and well worth a few of your hard earned dollars.


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