The Menzingers – After the Party

On February 3, 2017 Pennsylvania based rock band The Menzingers released their fifth studio album, “After the Party.” Despite being released so early in the year and many new releases I am looking forward to, The Menzingers have put out an album that will be extremely tough to top as far as best albums of the year. Having been a fan of these guys for quite a few years now, “After the Party” sounds to me to be that one masterpiece album that album band hopes to be able to write.

The album seems to tell the story of past mistakes, heartbreaks, triumphs, and debauchery through the eyes of someone who has reached that point in which you can’t help but look back and reminisce about what once was compared to where you are now. The album starts out with probably my favorite track on the album, and one that seemed to speak to me directly having just turned 30 at the beginning of the year, “Telling Lies.” The song tells of a man who reaches that midpoint in life where you start to take a look and contemplate where to go from here beautifully told in lyrics such as

               “I’m not young enough to be a companion
Not old enough to be a guide
What a cliche, time to try
Where are we gonna go now that our twenties are over?”

  The whole album tells a story that anyone in the age range of 30 to 40 either is experiencing or has experienced. Not being sure what the future holds, fearing what you once had and will never have again. As you continue through the album you get the track “Lookers” which hits you with great emotion and a sense of heartache. The song closes out with the lines,

“We were both lookers
In a 5″x8″ black and white
On the night stand of my mind
From a time I hardly recognize.”

   This album is full of more emotion and thought provoking lyrics than any I personally have heard in a long while. The Menzingers have shown a great maturity in their music and lyrics and hopefully are able to keep up the momentum. A band I randomly caught at a show opening up for Teenage Bottlerocket. Had never heard of them before, and they won me over that night. I have been hooked since, and with this album they have definitely regained my attention and rekindled the excitement I get from their music. Great album by an amazing band. Give it a listen and be sure to grab a copy for yourself, support the music.


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