Released in March of 2016 this album is a nice breathe of fresh air, it is titled “Days of Nothing” by Teenage Bubblegums.  Teenage Bubblegums are a punk band coming out of Italy, and definitely making sure to set their own trail. With siblings Ally and Billy Bubblegum sharing duties on vocals it provides a nice sound and unique style. The music has a very dark feel to it while still having a catchy beat.

The album has a borderline emo sense to it at times but just when you want to label it as such, the Teenage Bubblegums throw in a very well done and fun cover of “American Girl” originally by Tom Petty and The Hearbreakers that will catch you off guard for sure. This band is full of talent and potential. Also, the drumming won me over from the very start and keeps me hooked to the end thanks to drummer Mingu Bubblegum. This is a beautifully crafted album and keeps me anxious to see where this band will take their sound and style in records to come.

The Teenage Bubblegums will be coming on their first U.S tour very soon. Will definitely be something to watch out for. For more info keep your eyes peeled on their facebook page. Link provided below.


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