The Windowsill – Showboating

The Windowsill may not be exactly what you’d expect if a friend told you “Hey check out this new punk band.” They are not the type of band to come across with the normal loud, fast, in your face guitars and drums. The vocals are definitely delivered in a very unique way for the punk scene. The Windowsill instead bombards you with lyrics full of emotion, and a softer delivery on the music backing them.

With that being said, there is a lot of respect for this band coming from my end. These guys are selling records and making a name for themselves in the punk rock scene. With three of the members (Marien Nicotine, Ivo Backbreaker, and Jerry Hormone) previously having a stint in The Apers, The Windowsill is blazing their own trail without riding on any coat tails. Showboating is their second release and I will admit I wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to match up to their self-titled album. They certainly proved me wrong and delivered a second album full of fun, laid back punk rock.

One of my favorite aspects of The Windowsill is they show you can be mellow and still put out really good and memorable rock music. Showboating is full of what you could call punk rock ballads I guess. From songs like “In Riddles” and “Motorbike” to the stand out song in my opinion “Phone Call away,” there is a lot of feeling and in some cases hurt it seems behind those lyrics. That is indeed the key to drawing in an audience. Make them feel what you felt or are feeling as far as the subject matter of each song. Great job by these guys and I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for our listening pleasures.



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