So, are you a fan of fun, loud, fast, in your face rock and roll? Do you like to listen to a band you can’t help but sing along with? I just received my copy of the DeeCracks new compilation album Totally Cracked in the mail and it is definitely a record that contains all of those attributes. The DeeCracks, hailing from Austria, are definitely a band that carries on the catchy punk rock riffs and lyrics from the style of The Ramones.

The album contains songs written from back in the early days of the band, who was first known as The Cretins. Although written 10 years ago or better these songs still sound as fresh today as when I originally heard them a few years back. I have had the pleasure to sit and drink and talk with Matt and Mike a couple times while they toured the U.S, and not only are they amazing musicians but awesome guys in general. Along with Hank who toured with them the first time I seen them and Manu who was with them the following time. The DeeCracks sound carries over well into their live performances and they definitely know how to have a good time without taking themselves to seriously.

Do yourself a favor and order yourself a copy of this album, but don’t wait to long as their are only 500 copies being pressed as to my understanding. It is released on Between The Days Records in the U.S and on Striped Music in Europe. I guarantee once you drop the needle on this record you will be sure to “Turn Up Your Radio” and maybe even do the “King Kong Stomp.”

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Beyond The Days Records

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