When you think of art what comes to mind? Do you jump straight to the obvious? A work of art perhaps such as The Mona Lisa or The Last Supper. Perhaps your mind travels directly to painters themselves like DaVinci and Picasso. Possibly in your world of art you think of the great writers from our past like Arthur Rimbaud, William Blake, or even Edgar Allan Poe. While I appreciate all forms of art and am an avid reader and do appreciate the works of such artists, when I think of art my mind takes me to a place where art is portrayed through the banging of a drum set, the strumming of a guitar string, and the words of “wise men” if you will.

What better expression of art has mortal man brought to us beyond the world of music. A world where a story is a told with a thundering cymbal crash and the shredding notes on the bass strings, the feedback from the amps smacks you in the face and you can’t stop yourself from moving your feet or singing along. Whether it be the heartbreaking and solemn sounds of the delta blues to the head banging and brutal noise of heavy metal, music has a genre for everyone. It possesses the power to calm even the most savage beast, or to bring out the crazy in the calmest and gentlest of souls.

In my years on this earth I have found that in the music world you have the musicians, the people with the talent, the drive, and the ability to produce such a powerful work of art. Then you have the fans, the die-hard followers and supporters of this art form. A group that is in some ways just as important as the artists themselves. I myself fall into the fan category, and have not regretted that a day in my life. There is no rush greater than standing at the front of that stage when one of your favorite bands performs and just being caught up in that moment, the rush of emotion and the thrill of that moment. This blog will cover the art of music, the world in which it resides and my straight up honest opinion on bands, albums, shows, and whatever else I decide to rant to you about. I hope you all enjoy and if you are offended, move onto the politically correct blogs!!!! I in no way intend to water down or reword any of my post in order not to hurt a feeling. So, buckle up and put on your helmets. Enjoy the ride ladies and gentleman.




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