I recently have been listening to a band called Barreracudas. I was turned onto these guys by a good friend of mine and can’t believe I have never heard anything about them up until this point. The album I have in rotation at the moment is entitled “Can Do Easy.” I was sold merely by listening to the first track on this 12 track album that was released in August 2015 by Oops Baby Records.

The album starts out with the first track “Jerk” which is a catchy in your face warning not to mess around with these guys, unless you’d like a necklace made of you teeth. The lyrics have a bad ass undertone set to a very melodic and catchy music track. You can’t help but bob your head while tapping your foot. It grabs your attention and keeps you hooked all the way through with other tracks of glorious garage rock meets punk. I personally hear a little bit of a flashback to Sweet.

This record has one of the most original love songs I have heard in quite some time, titled simply “Shampoo.” This is a very upbeat song, not one of those tear jerker love songs like you’d get from Aerosmith or any of those dinosaur bands. It is simply a song expressing a mans desire to sleep with the one he admires or is perhaps stalking, I’m not sure, just so he can smell like her shampoo. You don’t get much more romantic than that. Until the restraining order shows up at least, then things may take one ugly turn.

Later into the album is the song “Cut Me Loose.” This is one of my favorite songs on the album and the guitar triggers in my brain a similarity to the guitar track from a little band out of Harrisburgh, PA called The Jellybricks and their song “About The Weekend.” Another of my favorite songs on this album is merely an ode to an old pair of boots, fittingly titled “Nasty Boots.” Any band that can make a catchy rock and roll tune of how time takes everything away is alright in my book.

All in all this is definitely one of the best hidden gems I have heard in quite some time, and the fact that these guys never struck a decent size record contract or radio airtime boggles my mind. Do yourself a favor and track down a copy of The Barreracudas album “Can Do Easy.” Whether your a fan of pop-punk or more of an old school rock and roll fan of guys like Sweet or The Cars I think you will appreciate this work of art.

The Barreracudas Facebook Page

The Barreracudas Bandcamp Page




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